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Aug 13, 2019

Most can relate to that sinking yet grateful feeling one gets from a fraud alert notice. The immediacy of the notice can be attributed to the data streaming technology that routes the message event to the customer in real-time. While banks have readily adopted streaming technology to better serve customers, many industries are starting to as well–for reasons that span from gaining an competitive edge to better business practices. But how? In this podcast, hear from industry experts about how organizations are adopting and implementing streaming technologies, and as bonus, learn some little known benefits that streaming platforms can provide.

Check out this episode of Query This to hear several experts explain how the magic happens! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Joseph De Buzna and Sreevani Abbaraju of HVR Software, and Tim Berglund from Confluent, about how a new era of real-time information systems is changing how business gets done.