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Jun 30, 2020

Whether for data or functionality, organizations need to synthesize these days. Information architectures are incredibly heterogeneous, both in terms of the data used to run business, and the applications that get the job done. Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to hear host @eric_kavanagh interview...

Jun 30, 2020

The rules are all changing these days! Whether for finance, data, or the cutting edge of technical innovation, the advances are far-reaching and hard to fully fathom. Check out this episode of InsideAnaysis to hear from several innovative companies, including Boss Insights, Trifacta and Circonus.

Jun 18, 2020

How big a deal is #OpenSource these days? It’s everywhere! From the foundation of Linux, all the way through the office suite via Libre Office, and even to the bleeding edge with machine learning and companies like Iguazio! On today’s #InsideOpenSource we’ll talk to you about Chris Preimesberger of eWeek, Italo...

Jun 2, 2020

Everyone loves free! And the Free Software Foundation has been working on that for years. We’ll talk today with two of their executives, John Sullivan, executive director and Greg Farough, campaigns manager. This is the third episode of Inside-OpenSource, our collaboration with eWeek’s Chris...