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Dec 16, 2020

In today’s digital economy, companies are generating more data in a year than they did in all of the previous decade.  Cloud computing and cloud data storage have ushered in the era of Big Data allowing for the development of tools and technologies to effectively manage data at scale; such as, a Cloud Data Lake. 

A Data Lake provides a central repository for companies to store not only structured data, but also unstructured data in its natural/raw format and quickly access their data to run many types of data workloads, eliminating the need for different services and infrastructures. In addition a Cloud Data Lake has the benefit of being able to access multiple parallel processors and utilizing in memory architecture enabling lighting fast analytics on large datasets for actionable business intelligence. Moreover, that data can be analyzed using an array of different ways using most all the popular tools available including machine learning. 

On Monday, December 14th’s episode of InsideAnalysis, host, Eric Kavanagh, will discuss Cloud Data Lakes with Prat Moghe, CEO at Cazena, which offers the only automated cloud data lakes ready for instant analytics and ML with Zero Ops. And, and Tomer Shiran, co-Founder & CPO at Dremio, which is a next-generation data lake engine that liberates your data with live, interactive queries directly on cloud data lake storage.