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Inside Analysis Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

In this episode of InsideAnalysis, Eric Kavanagh and Dr. Robin Bloor discuss Fast Data with Chris Lawless of HVR. Data has been around since the ancient Mesopotamians began keeping track of their crop yields 7000 years ago. Throughout the ages, we have figured out ways to keep track of more & more data for analytical insights hidden within. However, never before in the history of humanity have we created and kept as much data as we have in the last decade. Indeed, we even came up with a new name to describe these terabytes and even petabytes of saved data, Big Data! 


However, as more and more data builds up, our need to move, analyze and process this data as also increased. Big Data refers to the huge amounts of data that is stored and at rest; whereas Fast Data is data in motion. Often times, the best solutions can be found by improving on existing technologies. With the power of cloud computing and seemingly unlimited affordable storage, getting data from place to place isn't the issue. It's getting the right data quickly. Change, Data, Capture or CDC has been around since the days of the mainframe but has evolved and is a very efficient way to move data, taking advantage of today's technology. 


In this episode of InsideAnalysis, Eric Kavanagh, Dr. Robin Bloor discuss these issues with Chris Lawless of HVR.


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