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Nov 13, 2019

Now entering its fourth decade of innovation, opensource software continues to transform the world of business. Once considered the work of hobbyists, this now-pervasive paradigm has since conquered the enterprise in deep and meaningful ways. In fact, Linux now reigns supreme over all other operating systems for industrial-grade enterprise solutions.

But Linux was just the beginning. Over the past decade in particular, opensource climbed up the ladder of functionality, addressing all things data; but also networking, and a wide range of other arenas in the expanding universe of business functionality. To wit: there are countless opensource projects now teeming all around the globe!

And one could argue that the opensource approach has even gone *down* the ladder, to what could be called a new foundation for business computing, or what some would characterize as the operating system for the cloud: Kubernetes. Hailing a new era of microservices architectures, this solution has already disrupted the burgeoning reality of multi-cloud.

Check out this inaugural episode of Open Enterprise to hear coast-to-coast Radio Host @eric_kavanagh as he interviews two luminaries from OpenLogic, Justin Reock and Maurice Kherlakian, about the storied history of opensource, and how this approach continues to shape the world of enterprise computing.