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Inside Analysis Podcast

May 2, 2019

Dr. Eric Siegiel, founder of Predictive Analytics World, discusses Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning with our very own, Eric Kavanagh, during the 1st segment of today’s InsideAnalysis.

Analytics has always been a part of business but decades past analytics is to a Ford Model T what today’s Analytics is to a Tesla model 3. Thanks to the raw power, seemingly unlimited affordable data storage, that today’s cloud computing provides, businesses are able to insights that are truly changing entire industries. Predictive Analytics is learning to predict; such as, who is most likely to lie. Machine Learning, on the other hand, is used for detection; such as, analyzing MRI scans and other medical images. Healthcare & Financial industries, in particular, have seen some of the most striking results using Predictive Analytics and Deep Learning.

Anyone interested in Predictive Analytics should consider going to this year’s conference in Las Vegas, Jun 16-20,

In the second half of today’s show, Eric discusses the Financial side of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning with Peter Went. Peter specializes in simplifying the complex and clarifying the ambiguous.