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Inside Analysis Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

If you go by the buzz, you’ll think for sure that you need a data lake. And that may well be true. But just as mistakes were made in the world of data warehousing, so are mistakes being made in this next generation of data marshaling. The real key is to know your business, know your data, and have a good understanding for where you’re headed.

And the bottom line these days, is that a data lake can take any number of forms. It can be the go-to system of record; or it can be a way to store relatively cold data inexpensively. Either way, you’ll want some effective way to persist, access and analyze data in your lake or warehouse. And that’s what we’ll talk about today on InsideAnalysis with two experts: Neil Barton of Wherescape, and Mark Van de Weil, CTO of HVR!