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insideanalysis's podcast

Jun 19, 2019

Big Data of the 21st century has completely changed the business landscape. However, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, have now made it possible to analyze and sort massive amounts of data that are beyond the capacity of humans. Augmented Analytics is the next frontier that will change the decision making culture in tomorrow’s business landscape. Companies now have the ability to analyze billions of data points in milliseconds bringing real-time insights into decision making in every aspect of one's business.

Yellowfin out of Australia has been a part of the evolution of analytics since 2003 and are at the forefront of innovation in Augmented Analytics. They have gone from a small business in Australia to a Global leader with a suite of world-class products powered by automation.

Eric Kavanagh had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Shaw-Dennis, SVP Global Strategic Marketing, and Ivan Seow, Global Product Marketing Manager. Daniel started in the ’90s as a consultant and has been with Yellowfin for 9 years. Ivan has been with Yellowfin for 14 years and was their 7th employee. They share their thoughts on Augmented Analytics and the future with Eric in this exciting interview on InsideAnalysis Radio