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Apr 29, 2024

Register for this episode of InsideAnalysis to learn how a unique technology, streaming graph, can solve some of the most significant challenges in real-time data analysis. Host @eric_kavanagh will interview former Gartner Analyst Sanjeev Mohan, ExxonMobil Senior Technical Engineer H. Alexander Huskey, and Paige Roberts, Director of Product Innovation at thatDot, who will explain the value of shifting tough analysis to earlier in the process. She'll discuss how a graph analysis of flowing data can benefit your business.

Key business applications include:
• Real-time Risk analysis and Fraud Detection: Uncover intricate fraudulent activity patterns across transactions, user behaviors, and device data that traditional rules-based systems would miss.
• Cybersecurity and APT Detection: Identify anomalous patterns in network traffic, user logins and device logs to proactively prevent security breaches with no time window limitations.
• IoT Edge Smart Filtering: Monitor sensor data streams from industrial and other devices, understand which data is useful so you don’t flood downstream systems, and act immediately when problems arise.