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May 26, 2021

No! That's been the answer for years, as the business scuttled whatever bright ideas you brought to the table. The disruption of attempting new ways was viewed as too risky. This is the classic innovator's dilemma: The tendency to avoid taking chances in return for the relative safety of the status quo. The good news for innovators? Advances in scale-out data management have largely obviated old-fashioned risks.

Register for this episode of InsideAnalysis to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain how a high-speed data layer can fulfill any number of data needs without disrupting operational systems. Meaning? All those old excuses go out the window! He'll be joined by tech evangelist Vinayak Dave of Equalum who will demonstrate how his software was designed to serve as the ultimate marshaling area for enterprise data. He'll explain how next-generation change-data-capture technology can liberate legacy systems, while providing a stepping stone to hybrid cloud.