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Inside Analysis Podcast

Sep 19, 2018

The growth of cloud computing has raised the bar of innovation across the board and transcends industries. Computer hardware improvements are pacing the growth of cloud computing, data centres & cloud storage. Traditional big data companies are leveraging this newer technology with in-memory & SSD Databases. Business intelligence and analytics companies have never had it so good with the amount of data available and the horsepower to process it. Existing industries and technologies like AI & machine learning are being rewritten and new companies are starting up to take advantage of the era of cloud computing & big data.


This past week, thousands of people were at the Javits Center in NY at O’Reilly’s marquee Big Data conference, Strata 2018 where experts in Big Data, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing & Storage showed off their latest products and services.


Eric Kavanagh, host of InsideAnalysis & DM Radio was also there interviewing some of the top companies on the leading edge of Big Data technology. Companies interviewed include:


Ted Dunning, MapR

Peter Smails, Imanis Data

Michael Hinskey, Semarchy

Kyle Davis, Redis Labs

Jeff Veis, Actain

Jean-Michel Franco, Talend

Darren Pierce, Magnitude

Bala Venkatrao, Unravel Data