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Dec 11, 2018

Serve yourself! That’s the mantra for many data management practices in this burgeoning Information Economy. Once viewed as a task performed by a few insiders in large organizations, the process of preparing data for analysis has now been embraced on the front lines. Forward-looking organizations are empowering their people to find, curate and deliver enterprise data without bothering the IT department. This not only saves time, but also improves engagement and consumption of high-quality, trusted data.

Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to hear Host @eric_kavanagh interview data prep guru Ina Felsheim of SAP. The two will explore one of the fastest-moving sectors of the data space. They’ll explain what data prep is, and how it can be used not only to lower the burden on traditional IT resources; but also improve critical business processes that rely on data to get things done. Real-world success stories will be discussed, helping the audience to appreciate the wide-ranging benefits that result from an effective data prep operation.