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Apr 10, 2019

There have been significant changes in computer hardware and software over the last decade that have completely changed the enterprise computing environment. The most obvious change is the Cloud and the subsequent migration to the Cloud from on-premise. The Cloud provides accelerated computing via parallel processing, optimized storage & optimized memory capable of running large in-memory applications such as databases.

One of the best database management systems being used on the enterprise today is open source PostgreSQL, aka Postgres.

Eric Kavanagh just returned from SAP Ariba Live in Austin, TX where thousands of buyers & suppliers discussed the latest in supply chain & procurement business solutions using the SAP’s Ariba Network. Today on InsideAnalysis Eric talks with Tom Kieley of SourceDay about increasing efficiency of supply & procurement using SourceDay’s collaborative approach.

During the second segment, he speaks with Joshua D Drake about Postgres and their upcoming Conference.

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