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Inside Analysis Podcast

May 2, 2022

People quit their jobs all the time, but never before at the current pace. Why? The so-called Great Resignation continues to reshape the employment landscape, but it need not cause your business much trouble. The key is to focus on experience, both for your customers and your employees. Paying attention to details makes all the difference, and that requires a lot of real world data.

By capturing, analyzing, then acting on this data, companies can remain proactive, keeping both customers and employees on a positive trajectory. Find out more in this episode of InsideAnalysis, as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews HR Rockstar, Katrina Ghazarian, CEO of Gameday HR, and Nicole Nevulis, Senior Director at Verint. They'll discuss the orchestration of data capture, analysis and decisioning, including the use of AI for optimizing business processes.