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Dec 4, 2017

You can't connect the dots if you don't collect the dots. So goes a long-standing mantra in detective work, as well as policing and surveillance in general. These days, a whole host of laws and regulations require that police departments and other organizations retain surveillance footage for longer than ever, especially for body cams and other equipment used in the pursuit and apprehension of suspects.

Register for this episode of InsideAnalysis to learn from industry analyst Kevin L Jackson, as he explains how a new reality for digital evidence requires a different approach by law enforcement and government agencies. He'll be joined by host Eric Kavanagh, who will discuss how an array of new technologies can help organizations not only store the necessary data cheaply and effectively, but also mine it with machine learning algorithms that leverage facial recognition and other valuable functionality. Other guests include Ryan Paterson of IST Research, Jeff Baumes of Kitware and David Friend of Wasabi.