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Inside Analysis Podcast

Aug 10, 2021

Ever fear the upgrade? The pioneers who pushed for CentOS 8 sure feel that sting these days, ever since Red Hat and the CentOS community announced End of Life for the popular Linux distribution by December 31, 2021 -- ironically 8 years before its initial deprecation date. What's the impact of this decision for those in the crosshairs? And what can the market do more broadly to address such support volatility in the future?

Register for this roundtable discussion as host Eric Kavanagh interviews Command Prompt founder Joshua Drake, Perforce Evangelist Javier Perez, and two special guests. They'll discuss the immediate scenario facing the CentOS community, what this all means for open-source practitioners, and how companies can make optimal decisions for keeping their mission-critical business applications running smoothly despite the turbulenc