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Jan 15, 2019

Red-eyed robots notwithstanding, the power of artificial intelligence holds just about every facet of business in its crosshairs. There's not a segment of the commercial world that will go unaffected. At the moment, AI is tackling countless mundane processes, enabling workers to spend their time on quality projects. In the near future? The impacts will be much greater.

InsideAnalysis will spend all of 2019 focused on the power of AI. Our series, IA on AI, will feature radio shows, webinars, articles, blog, social shares, all culminating in a book to be co-authored by Dr. Robin Bloor and Eric Kavanagh, co-founders of The Bloor Group. The radio show series starts today, and features an all-star cast of experts:

  • Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky, Bloor Group's Data Scientist
  • Dr. Peter Went, Bloor Group's Strategic Advisor
  • Stephen Pratt, CEO of