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Nov 13, 2023

Data is the new sand! So mused Boomi CEO Steve Lucas on his company's recent world tour. The idea is that sand, by itself, is relatively useless. Only when processed and refined can it become glass. And most companies are building sand castles, as one astute LinkedIn user pointed out. So, what's an organization to do? One starting point is to ask the Data Whisperer, Scott Taylor! He knows all about the business case for data management. And he has awesome sock puppets, to boot!

You can also talk to the legendary Malcolm Chisholm, master of master data, who's been lighting up LinkedIn the last year with thought-provoking posts! And then there's our very special first-time guest, the inimitable Kate Strachnyl of DATAcated fame! She knows more about data than most data experts! Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to learn more!